Tail fin of a humpback whale. Numerous boats depart from Húsavík (Iceland) for whale watching. The highlight is the tail fin when the large mammals dive / © Photo: Georg Berg

Experience whales in Iceland

There is no whaling in Iceland anymore. Instead, whale watching is booming. The Whale Museum in Húsavík participates in the exploration of the gentle giants

Lützerath is occupied by climate activists. The previous owners have given up and sold their properties to RWE / © Photo: Georg Berg

The home and the climate

The small village of Lützerath rarely had more than 100 inhabitants. Thanks to climate activists, Lützi has become internationally known and a symbol. Several hundred places in the Rhenish lignite area have already fallen victim to the hunger for energy and the lignite excavators before

Austernplatte mit Meeresfrüchten im Strandpavillion Le St Pierre Tarbouriech. Hinter der Lagune liegt die Stadt Sète / © Foto: Georg Berg

Mediterranean oysters

Oysters are a popular appetizer in France. They are hardly filling, low in fat and carbohydrates, but contain many vitamins and minerals.

Price list at a market in Morocco / © Photo: Georg Berg

Parlez-vous Español, please

Review of the book by Françoise Hauser, in which she describes the differences and similarities of many world languages in an easily understandable way.

The colorful peloton in front of a historic backdrop. On the marathon course, the participants of the 36th Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc pass a total of 25 wineries. Often, they pass through the middle of the chateau grounds and are offered red wine and water / © Photo: Georg Berg

A marathon for connoisseurs

The run through the vineyards of the Médoc is called the longest marathon in the world. Georg Berg took part and is thrilled by the atmosphere

Alphorns are part of the hearty folklore at the gourmet event at the Gompm-Alm in South Tyrol. It takes place every year on the last Sunday in August. Well-known chefs prepare their dishes on old wood-burning stoves / © Photo: Georg Berg

Pfefferlechner craft brewery

South Tyrol is an ideal growth market for craft beer, because the Italians who like to try it are epicureans. Latest brewing creation is an alcohol-free beer

In Avignon, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado exhibits his photos on the theme of Amazonia in the Palace of the Popes / © Photo: Georg Berg

Palace of the Popes in Avignon

The Gothic Papal Palace of the southern French city of Avignon conveys its historical significance. Exhibitions and events bring culture to life.

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