Our Mode of Operation

All publications are identified by name, written with journalistic care and not paid by organizers. For our travel and food stories, impressions and photos are created at the same place. Thus, the photos complement and support the text and carry it further. Our reportages do not have to be combined with third-party stock photography.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some research on press trips has been done according to the standards of the Association of German Travel Journalists (VDRJ). Some research trips have been partly supported by tour operators, hotels, airlines or tourism agencies. This enables us to get to know even costly offers ourselves in order to be able to base our reporting on our own qualified judgment.

Through Amazon’s affiliate program, we get a small commission for each item sold. The retail price remains the same. So we get a small reward for the effort we put into the research. We would very much like to support affiliate programs that strengthen local retail. At the moment, such schemes are being set up. We hope that especially bookstores in our region will soon join these partner networks. It would be great if recommendations, which we put a lot of heart and soul into, could soon be delivered by readers to their own favorite bookstore at the click of a button.

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