Mackinac Island in Lake Huron

Horse-drawn carriage and trees in bright autumnal colors on Cadotte Avenue. The driveway to the Grand Hotel Mackinac Island / © Photo: Georg Berg
The ban on automobiles made the Michigan island a place of longing 150 years ago. The ride into the past begins with a trip in a speedboat

Made in Chicago: Snacks & Sweets

Garrett Popcorn flagship store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Family recipe popcorn since 1949 / © Photo: Georg Berg
Nobody has to eat in fast food chains in Chicago. Three food tips that combine food with culture and history. From fictional sandwich shops to the Queen of Chicago

Charlevoix: Rich in stone and beautiful

American flag and view of Lake Charlevoix / © Photo: Georg Berg
Charlevoix confidently calls itself The Beautiful. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is no doubt that this place is rich as a stone. And there are two reasons for this
Artist Sevcan Çerkez with Nelin Tunc / © Photo: Georg Berg

Strong women. A gallery for International Women’s Day

On my travels, I often meet women with exciting CVs and extraordinary careers. I write about their creativity, their courage, their perseverance and their successes. With every well-written story about a woman, the internet becomes more feminine. Women often receive support and encouragement from women. This also applies to the women I present in my gallery for International Women’s Day. Mothers encourage their daughters, businesswomen encourage rural women, grandmothers inspire their granddaughters, friends are there for each other and women’s organizations support girls and women.

5 ways to think outside the box

Our pool of travel stories from all over the world is constantly growing. Therefore, we would like to present here five ways to approach this content. For the intuitive, we don’t have a recommendation. Maybe you’ll be guided by crazy photos or snappy headlines? Those interested in topics can choose one of the three main categories FoodTravelOutdoor. Are you researching your next travel destination? Then please enter via the country page and you will find everything we have ever written about a country, no matter how absurd it may be, such as the Icelandic guide sheep or the eating habits in the Japanese Kabuki theater. For all Boy Scout souls and people who want a lightning-fast overview, the world map is the guide of choice. Red pins mark the countries on which there are reports. And anyone who never wants to miss a new edge-of-the-seat story can subscribe to our travel stories via the feed reader. However you approach our travel stories, we’re glad you found us.

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