The talking stones of Uppsala

View from Uppsala University Park to Gustavianum with new dome and the cathedral spires / © Photo: Georg Berg
Rune stones can be entertaining. In Uppsala, magnificent examples can be found in the university park and tell of the life of the Vikings

Bénichon, Kilbi? Definitely Fribourg!

Cuchaule, the queen of the Bénichon, is a brioche bread with saffron. It is served as the first course on the Kilbi menu together with Kilbi mustard / © Photo: Georg Berg
The Kilbi is a festival celebrated in the canton of Fribourg and is one of Switzerland’s living traditions. The cuchaule, a brioche with saffron, is the queen of the festive menu

When is a castle a castle?

Palaces wherever you look. There are 12 palaces and many gardens in Sanssouci Park, which together form Potsdam's cultural landscape and are the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany. Here Babelsberg Palace on the banks of the Havel in neo-Gothic style, built in 1833 / © Photo: Georg Berg
Old Fritz transformed Potsdam into a royal seat. With twelve palaces and numerous gardens, Potsdam’s cultural landscape is the largest German Unesco World Heritage Site
Subway art in Stockholm, T-Centralen metro station at Stockholm Central Station and hub of the metro network was designed by artist Per Olof Ultvedt in blue colors and with simple motifs such as stylized flowers and leafy vines. The shapes and colors are intended to have a calming effect on passengers. One of a total of 38 grotto stations / © Photo: Georg Berg

Stockholm and art in the underground

For the price of one ticket, you can travel through the world’s longest art gallery in Stockholm. Paintings, mosaics and sculptures can be seen in 100 metro stations over a total length of 110 kilometers. From tiled art from the 1950s to spectacular grotto stations from the 1970s

5 ways to think outside the box

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